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Lift Chair FAQs

Find the Right Lift Chair for You With These Helpful FAQs

No living room is complete without a lift chair. Whether you’re deciding when to get a lift chair or which one to get, our team at Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical is here to help you throughout your lift chair process! Keep reading our FAQs below to learn more about the lift chairs we offer, which lift chairs may be best for you, their benefits, and why they are a living room staple! If you have any additional questions, please contact our team or browse the lift chairs available in our online catalog. Lastly, if you have a short term need for a lift chair, check out our rental page to view our rates and reach out to us. 

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What is a lift chair?

Lift chairs offer a powered mechanism pushing the chair up from its base to assist an individual as they sit down and stand up. Like a typical recliner, the chair mechanically extends for ultimate comfort. 

Why are lift chairs useful and how can they help me? 

No living room is complete without a lift chair as they offer exceptional comfort and safety. Lift chairs offer unlimited benefits including: reduces injury in at-home settings as one ages in place or is recovery from an injury, offers an easier transfer in and out of the chair for the user and caregiver, allows the user independence, and lastly provides elevation to reduce any swelling especially for elderly individuals. 

Who benefits from using a lift chair?

There are a variety of people who can benefit from owning a lift chair. Lift chairs offer many benefits which allows them to benefit aging individuals, individuals with limited mobility, individuals with an illness of disease affecting their independence and ability, recovering patients from illness or injury, and individuals who suffer from swelling or circulation problems. The ability to maintain independence not only affects our physical, but mental health to improve our quality of life. When it comes to choosing the lift chair to best fit your situation, it is important to identify what factors will best give you comfort, safety, and improve your quality of life with independence. 


What are the top benefits to incorporating a lift chair into your home?

There are many fantastic benefits to having a lift chair. Here are some of the top benefits of owning a lift chair. 

Encourages aging in place: It can become difficult and dangerous as we age to get up. With a lift chair, the lift chair is boosted making it seamless for someone to get seated comfortably. 

Easier transfer: Not only is a lift chair a benefit to an individual as they age but to a caregiver. Getting up and down can be a huge task and danger for someone aging or who has suffered from an illness or injury. A lift chair is made to aid help standing up and getting seating. 

Maintains independence: For an individual living at home, being able to get seated comfortably on one’s own is a huge factor towards their independence. Increased independence also boosts one's confidence and mental well-being. 

Provides elevation: It is extremely common for elderly individuals to suffer from edema. Lift chairs provide the option of elevation which can reduce swelling in feet and ankles. 

Reduces the chance of injury: For those who suffer from limited mobility, an injury, or are aging incorporating options to limit at-home injury is crucial. Lift chairs are a great option for both comfort and reducing injury in a homecare setting. 


What does a lift chair offer?

Lift chairs offer stability to an individual as they get up and down when resting in their chair. Lift chairs aid in safety to the user and/or caregiver when standing safely. The lift chair includes a remote allowing you to choose your position, whether that be to watch television, sleep, or simply sit down. When it comes to getting up, you select the button lift the back of the chair to raise the hips over the knees - in this position the individual is nearly standing without having to do any extraneous lifting up, simply just needing to straighten their back to be ready to walk. A lift chair offers an individual to move in and out of a seated position without having to rely on a caregiver and wait to be assisted. If you do need assistance transferring to a mobility device while getting up from your lift chair, the lift chair still aids in helping the caregiver safely when helping you up. 


How do I go about selecting a lift chair?

When it comes to selecting your lift chair, it is important to identify the key reasons you are needing to use one. To define which lift chair is best for you, as yourself these questions. 

  1. Have you defined your main reasoning for needing a lift chair? If so, what is your top reason?
  2. Are you most concerned about style, comfort level, or another factor?
  3. Have you taken a look at our options available? Make sure to check out all of your options by viewing our catalog.
  4. Have yo reached out for assistance in your decision-making process? We are here to help - contact us for assistance in making your selection.


What are the top advantages to owning a lift chair?

Getting up and down become a huge struggle to aging individuals and those dealing with limited mobility. Here's some top benefits to owning and utilizing a lift chair: 

  • Safely rise from a seated position
  • Offer assistance from standing to a seated position
  • Can improve posture with ability to adjust position settings
  • May reduce swelling, fatigue, and improve circulation
  • Can be slept in - improvement of an individuals overall sleep 
  • Reduces risk of injury 
  • Provides independence and better quality of life
  • Easier transfer for caregivers 
  • Increased comfort 
  • Elongate ability to live at home 


Can you sleep in a lift chair?

The answer is YES! Lift chairs offer many positions making it safe and comfortable for individuals to nap or sleep in a seated position. Many lift chairs have the ability to recline fully flat making it extremely comfortable for sleeping. The benefit of sleeping in your lift chair is you can position the chair to best fit your desired position of comfort for sleep, as well as the ability to reduce any swelling, fatigue, or targeted circulation concerns. 


What types of lift chairs do you offer?

Browse our selection of Golden Technology and Pride Mobility Lift Chairs ranging in size, price, color, and more. View our lift chair options here.


What are the different types of lift chairs?

There are three types of lift chairs which differentiate by the degree they reach, the recline mechanism, and the position of the footrest. The three types of lift chairs are two-position, three-position, and infinite position. All types of lift chairs list the individual to a position where their feet are on the floor so they can easily stand. 

  • Two-Position: A two-position lift chair reclines to a 45-degree angle so that the user is only leaning back slightly. This chair is typically used for those who enjoy reading and watching TV.
  • Three Position: A three-position chair can recline to a nearly flat position, stopping at any degree of recline in between. The individual’s body will be in a slight “V” at the hips with the backrest reclined and their knees and feet are higher than their hips. This chair is said to be most comfortable for napping or for those who do not like to lie down flat. It is also possible to read and watch TV with a three-position lift chair.
  • Infinite Position: Infinite-position lift chairs or commonly known as zero-gravity or full recline chairs have the ability to recline into a flat position. In this flat position (the backrest is parallel to the floor, and anywhere in between. Some infinite-position lift chairs offer the option to lift a person’s feet above his/her head into a therapeutic position. The infinite-position lift chair is the only chair able to put an individual in a Zero Gravity position, where the head is slightly higher than the hips and the lower body (with a slight bend in the knees) is higher than the heart. This position relieves spinal pressure, and muscle tension, and improves circulation.


What are the main differences between two-position, three-position, and infinite position lift chairs?

A two-position lift chair has a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman, but does not fully recline. A two-position lift chair is controlled with single toggle switch on the hand pendant. 

A three-position lift chair may stop in any position, as the back reclines the ottoman rises. These chairs also have a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman with single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything.

With a infinite position lift chair the footrest is controlled separately from the backrest, and this backrest can recline fully. Infinite position lift chairs are capable of reclining the back parallel to the floor (flat) and allow the ottoman to raise the feet above the heart or move to a zero-gravity position. These tend to be the higher-end chairs as they are full-chaise loungers with padding from the seat all the way across the ottoman, no gaps, all padded. 


Are lift chairs easy to use?

Lift chairs are made to make life easier and more comfortable for the user. Lift chairs operate with the push of a button to recline or be lifted to a position where it is easier to stand up.


Do lift chairs offer heat and/or massage options?

Select models of lift chairs can be upgraded to include heat or a massage feature. These chairs would include a separate remote to control the features such as low and high heat or adjustable options for your massage targeted area and intensity. 


What is the weight capacity of a lift chair?

Most Golden Technologies have a weight capacity of 350-375 lbs. The MaxiComforter Lift Chair is extra wide and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.