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Mobility Equipment FAQs

Mobility Equipment FAQs

If you're new to needing mobility equipment, you probably have a lot of questions. If you just have some minor difficulty with walking, you may be wondering about a walker or rollator. If you have a greater need for mobility assistance, you may have questions about power chairs and mobility scooters. At Hudson Pharmacy and Surgical, we are focused meeting your unique mobility needs and providing you with the best possible equipment available. Below, we've outlined some of the most common questions we receive about mobility equipment. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our staff or browse our online catalog to view all the mobility equipment we offer. If you're interested in renting mobility equipment, please visit our rental information page and complete our online form.

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How do I go about improving my mobility?

At Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical, we are dedicated to helping individuals live and move safely, comfortably, and independently through the use of the right mobility device. Mobility aids can help you regain independence and freedom as you grow older or deal with a medical condition or acquire an injury. Finding the right option can feel overwhelming as there are many choices out there, how you know which device is right for you, where to get one and how to pay for it. 

What is a mobility device? 

A mobility aid is a device designed to help individuals with limited mobility or struggle to move around complete day-to-day activities, enjoy freedom to move around, and regain independence safely. There are many different types of mobility aids available including manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and rollators, and more.

What mobility equipment do I need?

When deciding which mobility device is best for you or your loved one, it is important to thoroughly look through your options and consult an expert with questions. At Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical we can help guide you through this process – answering questions along the way to getting you fitted for your mobility equipment and fine tuning any customization or accessories to aide in safe and independent mobility. Get expert mobility advice by contacting our professionals here.

What types of mobility equipment do you offer?At Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical, we offer a variety of mobility aids, including: Mobility ScootersPower ChairsWheelchairs & Transport Chairs, and Walkers & Rollators. Learn more about each line of mobility products here or contact us to get in touch with an expert. 
What is a mobility scooter?

For those with limited mobility and/or needing assistance getting around, a mobility scooter safe and great option for you! We offer a variety of mobility scooter options, including:

What is a power wheelchair?Power chairs are a fantastic, heavy-duty mobility solution for those who live an active lifestyle. Equipped to handle rough terrain with a 450 lb. weight capacity, power chairs come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. If you are in need of a solution that's great for transportation, we also offer great lightweight options that maneuver easily from space to space. Browse our power wheel chairs here
What do I need to know about manual wheelchairs and transport chairs?

Wheelchairs and transport chairs are great options to aid in recovery and encourage independence. Our chairs come in a variety of styles along with various customizable accessories. Our selection of manual wheelchairs and transport chairs come in a variety of conditions to assist patients and their caregivers. Within our selection, you will find a range of wheelchairs and transport, including lightweight, foldable and fixed-frame models. 

Browse our different categories of wheelchairs and transport chairs, including: 

Browse our wheelchair and transport chair accessories here

What do I need to know about walkers and rollators?

At Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical, we understand everyone can need assistance with their mobility from time to time. Whether you're recovering from an injury and only have a short-term need, or you're living with limited mobility and need a permanent mobility aid, we have the equipment you need to not only promote moving safely, but encourage your independence. We have a variety of walkers and rollators for patients of all ages that provide dependable support for your mobility needs. For those who don’t need as much support, but desire smoother mobility, we have the rollator for you. 

Along with the walkers and rollators we offer, we have accessories available to make those mobility aids more usable, including baskets, floor tips and more.

Browse all of our walker and rollator equipment by looking at the product list:

If you have any questions, contact us to get answers. 

Where can I purchase my my mobility aid?You are at the right place! Our certified, local mobility experts at Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical are here to help you every step of the way with your mobility products. Whether you need help finding the right solution to meet your needs, or need to be fitted for a specific product, we’re happy to offer support. If you would like assistance with your mobility needs, our team is ready to help you find the best device to fit your need and your lifestyle. Explore our catalog or give us a call!